We offer services for small gathered weddings to ensure the quality and consistency of each dish and too offer a beautiful and relaxed dining experience for you and your loved ones. We offer 3, 5, 7, and 9 course menus for your special day.

Christian catered our wedding - which wasn’t easy, as my wife is a classically trained Chef! 5 courses, each more exquisite than the last. He really worked with our tastes and our budget to make something truly spectacular. It was the single aspect of our wedding that EVERYONE remembers and raves about to this day! Well, that and how beautiful my wife was... Thanks Christian!
— Beau Davidson
Truly the best wedding meal I’ve ever experienced. Our entire table was raving about every dish (how often does that happen?!?), and bets were placed about when the food line would get short enough for people to make a play for seconds. Christian executed one of the most thoughtful, delicious, creative, beautiful meals I’ve ever seen (or tasted). Absolutely incredible food served with joy, heart, and careful attention to every detail.
— Erin Rufledt
You catered a friends wedding we were at and it was by far the best food we have ever had at a wedding. Actually, it was likely the best meal of my life.
— Faith Beaven
By far the best meal I have ever had at a wedding. I can still taste it.

— Rebecca Dunning