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Christian moved to Asheville, NC with his three beautiful children and wife seeking adventure and a new story with his food. Christian started working in kitchens back in 2008 experiencing family owned restaurants, cafes, and corporate kitchen settings throughout the years. He started getting serious about food in 2012 when he found himself hungering for more within his technique, passion, and skills. He joined a fine dining kitchen at Andrews (now known as I.D (Inspired Dining) in Delafield, Wi under Executive Chef Jonna Froelich. At his time at Andrews he began to understand new ingredients and flavors. His time at Andrews was a pivotal moment in his growth and future in his career. He saw passion and growth in himself that he had never experienced before. Christian then moved to Kansas City and found Chef Joe Shirley who curated an underground pop up fine dining restaurant called Uberdine who created dinners all of over the city creating a 14 course tasting menu. Christian reached out to the chef and staged to see if there was a fit. Christian joined the team and learned how to create a restaurant in an unusual space that often did not have a kitchen. He also learned the pace, plating, and setting of curating a tasting menu experience. After his experience with Chef Joe Shirley, Christian started Braised & Confit with intention and vision. Moving to Asheville, NC Christian was presented with a Demi Chef position at the The Bistro, a restaurant at the Biltmore Estate and continued cultivating his leadership skills. After some time Christian saw an opportunity at The Admiral in West Asheville and immedieatly took the position. Christian started as a line cook working on every station under Chef Justin Burdett current Executive Chef of Crooks Corner in Chapel Hill, NC and ended his time at the Admiral as Sous Chef under current chef, Chef Richard Neal. His time with Chef Richard at the Admiral taught him the importance of food here and now, the idea of what is happening, growing, and alive in our region and the current season at this very moment. Richard was intentional about native foraged and farmed sourced ingredients and has left an important mark on Christian as to what food is to him and how he will pursue it as he continues his path. Now Christian’s focus and project is Braised & Confit bringing you his interpretation of all the things he’s learned into his own into your very home.